All The Day Long

All The Day Long

All the Day Long shares the joys, trials, and adventures of an ordinary family used in extraordinary ways in the lives of an unreached people group -- the primitive Yanomamö Indians of southern Venezuela. After returning from military service in World War II, Joe and Millie Dawson meet, marry, and settle down for what they think will be an ordinary life. But when God transforms their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the trajectory of their lives changes forever, and they give their lives to sharing the Gospel with people who have never before heard it. God sends this family to the remote Amazon rainforest to serve the Yanomamö people. From their harrowing first encounter with the Yanomamö to daily life and ministry, you will laugh, cry, and pray with the Dawsons as you read All the Day Long. This true story of how God used Joe and Millie Dawson will challenge your faith, remind you of God's faithfulness, and open your eyes in new ways to the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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